July 19, 2024


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If you want your music listed on major music streaming services and sites you need a Distributor.

Here are some best distributors you can choose from.

Distrokid is an independent digital music distribution service, which helps get your music on all streaming services. If you’re an independent artist, then you understand in 2018 getting your music on streaming platforms is one of the most important things you can do right now for your career.

There are a couple of distribution platforms you can choose from. However, Distrokid is easily the best and the one that makes the most sense for independent artists.

Distrokid is only $19.99/year. They allow you to upload unlimited songs and collect all your royalties. They also have other features such as Youtube Content Id Matching, upload your lyrics to Apple music, upload song credits to Spotify, they cover song licensing, automatic payouts to collaborators, instant verification on Spotify, and much more. It is a no brainer to use Distrokid over the other competitors, which usually charge you per upload or take a commission of your royalties.

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The main appeal of Tunecore is the sheer amount of implied reach that the site promises. In exchange for distribution of your music to these services they ask for flat yearly fees for putting the tracks and albums in their system. With a smaller year one stocking fee, and a larger recurring annual fee.

The service allows artists to feature their work on a total of 150+ platforms.

Aside from the obvious benefits of the reach of the company, Tunecore has some advantages compared to competitors. Essentially the bigger your following the better Tunecore is for you. If you are only expecting to sell 5 tracks a month you’re probably better off going with a different distribution network, but if you’re frequently getting questions about where to find your tracks during outreach and shows it’s definitely worth looking into.

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