February 1, 2023


Synthpop – Dreampop – Synthwave – Retrowave – Electropop – Vaporwave – NewWave – DarkWave – FuturePop – EuroPop – ItaloDisco – etc.

Submit Your Music

Submit Your Music for and get featured on Synthpopworld.com!

What we need to feature You and Your music on the site:

1*. Artist BIO/EPK

2*. Youtube link to the song ( could be feature video or lyric video )

3*. Social Media links and/or bandpage

4*. A Cover picture of the Band/song at least 500 x 500 pixel.


Due to high amount of submissions without enough information, and taking a great deal of time to hunt for those informations on the wild web,

we will publish only the submissions which have all the 4 required elements.

Thank you for your understanding. We are working on implementing a new submission form.

We prefer only music already released.

Preferable links to Youtube video or Soundcloud, please do not send mp3 s or other attachments except a HQ picture of your band.If you have Spotify we will put your band on our Spotify playlist too. 

We will listen with love and dedication and if we like your music we will feature your band on Synthpopworld.com!

Please send finished songs, well mixed and mastered, poor demos will not be accepted.

Thank you, and spread the Synthpop joy! 

The Sythpopworld.com TEAM