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Amber Teaser – Human Ritual

Band : Amber Teaser
Cd : Human Ritual
Label : Scentair records
Release date: November, 27, 2019

“industrialpop…and the term industrial is not referred to the musical genre but to the industrial sector of our city”
Amber Teaser is an electro combo from Taranto, the city of steel sea and amber lights.
Sometimes melodic, sometimes jarring, the forthcoming album Human Ritual is a mix of synthpop, italodisco with a touch of kraftwerk and tremolopicking fuzzy guitars who gives an elegant industrial mood.
The cd contains, among others, the song “Dioxine”, based on Monchesque cold guitars and space synth sequencers, the single “here”, the elegant Synthpop track “dancing in a restaurant” and the danceable “go out from this chaos”.
“Human ritual” was produced by Teo de Cillis and Antonio Iacca at 229 Studios and will be released by Scentair Records on november 27, 2019

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZkknD8RFOQHuman ritual full cd on soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/antonioih/sets/amber-teaser-human-ritual/s-V9jso Tracklist  1 dioxine
2 go out from this chaos
3 here
4 animal ritual
5 mistery
6 dancing in a restaurant
7 nothing
8 human ritual
9 dancing in a restaurant (hal-o-ween mix)
Human Ritual video trailer:
https://youtu.be/Y4GCt4rOtRo (short trailer)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZkknD8RFOQ (full cd trailer)  Line up  Mimmo Modeo (vocals)
Antonio Iacca (synth/programming)
Teo De Cillis (synth/programming)
Guest vocals on “dancing in a restaurant” and “go out from this chaos” by Sarah Caprino
dancing in a restaurant (hal-o-ween mix) remix by Matthis Hubner  Music performed by Amber Teaser
Written produced and arranged by Antonio Iacca and Teo de Cillis,
Lirycs by and Mimmo Modeo, Antonio Iacca, and Teo De Cillis  Contacts :

Band Biography
The industrial-pop project Amber Teaser enstablished by Antonio Iacca (synth/guitars), starts in Taranto (Italy) in the month of August 2017 by the meeting with Teodosio De Cillis (synth/basses) and Mimmo Modeo (vocals), who express an industrial – metropolitan vision by the means of an electronic sound inspired by different influences: synthpop, new wave, post punk, italodisco and some references to krautrock.
This musical genre has been renamed “industrial-pop” because of the industrial outskirts of their own home town.
The record release ”Human Ritual” written and produced by Teo De Cillis and Antonio Iacca at 229 Studio, is exspected on november 27 2019 and will be released by the russian label Scentair Records

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