June 15, 2024


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Andrew Hetherington (feat. Sammy Pawlak) – LIFE IS STRANGE

Life Is Strange is an eighties style pop song concerning the ironic twists and turns we all experience in life. Up one minute and down the next, rich then poor and then rich again. It struck me as being a little weird and strange, but at the same time cool as all of our experiences help us grow and mature as people if we’re strong and don’t let life get us down. Thanks for listening!!

Andrew Hetherington is an Australian songwriter and music producer, he has written the words and music for over 20 songs, the genres he writes are rock, pop, adult contemporary and instrumental. His songs feature a strong melody and are quite catchy after a couple of listens.


Written and produced by Andrew Hetherington
Vocals by Sammy Pawlak
Backing track produced using The Absolute 80s soundpool from Producer Planet.
Commercial licence obtained February 25, 2019.
Copyright © Andrew Hetherington 2019. All rights reserved. Linkshttps://open.spotify.com/track/2ng1hjlMiFPzBXYo1TWxtVhttps://soundcloud.com/andrew-hetherington/life-is-strange-feat-sammy-pawlak

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