June 15, 2024


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GOLDIELOCKS – Dysphoria (ft. Elva Ray)

Goldielocks:New Release

After 2 years off the grid, Goldielocks is back with a melancholic, synthpop banger for your listening pleasure.

Paired with a film clip (coming soon), this particular track drives itself on 80s synths, huge snares, and smooth buttery vocals. Its the type of track you’d listen to while skating round an abandoned roller derby, or maybe driving down a desert road in an old convertible.

About Goldielocks

Originally a Canberra native, Goldielocks is a Sydney producer who broke onto the scene with hit single ‘Moonbeam’ which was based around a tasty little sample from Adele.

Goldielocks specialises in cosmic synths, ethereal vocals and slow grooves. He draws inspiration from Hip Hop, Electronic, Synth-Pop and Soul to create a sound somewhere between the likes of Flying lotus, Jamie XX and Caribou. Following his debut EP, Goldielocks released his single‘Moonbeam’, which gained critical acclaim from sources such as Stoney Roads, FBI Radio, Pile Rats and Acid Stag amongst others. Since then, Goldielocks has been playing live shows in the Sydney/Canberra region alongside artists such as Hayden James, Basenji, WaveRacer, Touch Sensitive, Client Liaison, Nicole Miller, Guerre, KLP and Gold Fields to name a few.

“Almost obnoxiously fresh to the Australian electronic circuit, Canberra-native Goldielocks has been impressing us with his ethereal sounds and their invigorating possibilities”
– Stoney Roads

“Flume on Ketamine, is what i’m calling this”
– Pile Rats

“Often beat-heavy, with warped vocals and the sneaky injection of an instrument you haven’t heard since school band practice (what do you mean the triangle can sound cool?), Goldielocks is getting pretty damn close to showing off”
– FBI Radio

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