June 15, 2024


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Grownuplife – Future Perfect

‘future perfect’ – new EP from South West electronic artist grownuplife out now

The third EP from South West electronica artist grownuplife promises retro synthwave escapism, combined with irresistible pop vocals, and a modern electronic production aesthetic.

grownuplife represents a fresh start for UK musician / producer Charlie Baxter, who has been dropping beats and wreaking havoc in the alternative music scene for over 10 years.

After being exhausted from the grind of playing in touring rock bands, grownuplife is about making something very separate, more personal, and more.

In-tune with the life of the worn-out millennials — music for the generation who’d rather Netflix and chill than head out on an all-night rager

Inspired by the resurgence of the 80s synthwave sound showcased in popular media such as Stranger Things and Kung Fury, as well as artists like Com Truise and Carpenter Brut, new EP future perfect follows on from the hip-hop infused back in the day and future-bass heavy present tense EPs.

The record sees Charlie working in collaboration with a wide variety of talented artists, building something bigger from each other’s skills and ideas.

The first track features Death Is A Girl vocalist Joe Green on ‘dare to dream’, which blends the singer’s outstanding vocals with a contemporary take on the retrowave sound reminiscent of artists such as The Weeknd and SZA.  New r&b singer Jon Canem, who Charlie has produced multiple successful dance remixes for, makes his appearance on on pop-hip-hop fusion track ‘affection’, whilst the instrumental ‘frozen stars’ is a homage to 80s production and early video game soundtracks, laden with retro synth sounds and memorable hooks.

Fourth track the rabbit hole features Leeds art-rapper No Fixed Identity, who Charlie met performing live dates around the country and instantly wanted to collaborate with, based on her stream of consciousness flow.

Final track ‘spa town graffiti’ closes the EP with an impassioned vocal delivery from Channel 4 Random Acts featured-poet 1990’s Chris.

Reflecting on themes of adulthood and hometown blues, paired with reverb-drenched guitars and synthesisers, it is very much the definitive grownuplife sound Charlie has been striving for since starting this project.

future perfect is available on Spotify or for download from https://grownuplife.bandcamp.com as well as other popular digital music outlets.

FFO: Com Truise, Carpenter Brut, Timecop1983, W O L F C L U B

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