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Jeremy Antman – The Day When The Eggs Hatched

Jeremy Antman is a Finnish artist, hismusic is some kind of video game music and synth/retrowave, and one of his trademarks is that he uses acoustic samples that he manipulates into electronic synths.

Jeremy Antman released three albums, and here is his discography:

The Attack of the Space Gnomes (2016)
This is a loose collection of his oldest material, as some of the songs were written in early 2010’s and then retouched for the album. They fit really well together though.

Limited Resoures (2016)
This is the most experimental album of his. As the name implies, the album is composed of limited resources.
Most of the songs are from song making contests, where the source material was limited to just few samples. The songs that are from music making contests are “Drunken Moominpappa”, “The Pot-Doubling Roosters”, “The Fuzzy Morning Slippers and a Fuzzy cup of Coffee”, “Dubression”, “The Pot-Doubling Roosters’s Day at the Beach”, “Sniff’s Weird Guests” and “The Cosmic Lottery”.

The remaining four are suggestions from fans. “Info” is completely composed from his fiancee’s vocal sample and accidental beatboxing, “Jack-In-A-Bottle” uses different bottles as the source material, “An Alien Ballroom on the Moon” was made with random samples from freesound.org and “Water Way to Go” was made completely from water-related samples like splashing, boiling and shoveling snow.

Stellar Crusade (2019)
This is his purest synthwave album to the date, even if there are some songs that don’t exactly fit to that genre. This is a mostly instrumental concept album where the story focuses on some space gnome marine recruits and their adventures. The last song also has a stop motion music video that can be found on youtube. (The link is also in this message)

Here’s the link to his artist profile on Spotify :

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