June 1, 2023


The debut single from “Neon Capital” features singer, Stine. Stine is a childhood friend who lived in the same neighborhood
when we were kids. Born and raised in Denmark but later moved to London where she sang in a punk band.

“Grow A New Heart” is a nostalgic flashback to the teenage years.The song is based on the pain and sorrow you experience after your
first breakup. You are faced with the task of sorting through those feelings all on your own.

When you haven’t experienced heartbreaks before, the mess of conflicting emotions swirling around can be a shock and the thought
of never getting back on track is very real. “Grow A New Heart” is about human’s ability to get through even the toughest periods of life.



”NEON CAPITAL” is a love letter to everything 80s. The sound, the movies, the colors and the nostalgic memories from a childhood filled with joy and excitement. Music and movies were always the go-to binge when the other kids were not around. I had a blast playing Commodore 64 and Amiga 500 with the sound linked to my big stereo system. The games were fun, but it was the sound and music from the games that
did it for me. Also, the best movies were the ones with a great soundtrack.

In 1987 the cool thing on Fridays and Saturdays was to hang out at the local burger joint. The place was called RITZ and was located next to a big nightclub. While playing the arcades and listening to hits from the jukebox, we could see the New Romantic girls, who represented the underground scene, standing in line waiting to get into the venue. The makeup and experimental outfits made a big impression on us. We
were just kids, but we fell in love every weekend observing the elder girls.

To us they symbolized the actresses from the movies. While riding our BMX bikes home at night we envisioned having a fake ID and one day being able to enter their world.
“NEON CAPITAL” is drum machines, synths and distortion.
It is the soundtrack to my experiences from the decade I love so dearly – The 80s