May 28, 2024


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Neon Nox – Fahrenheit

Just found about Neon Nox on a Spotify playlist, i really like the sound and his work. Could not find too much info on him but here are some:

Neon Nox is a Swedish synthwave producer who takes a lot his musical inspiration from ’80s films, TV shows and video games.

From his facebook page:

BiographyJon “Neon” Nox was a race car driver. His family was murdered for a race he was destined to lose, but choose to win. Now, he is driving his silver Mustang through the Miami night, trying to find a faceless killer and a reason to live. Discography


  • Unfinished Business (October 2016)
  • Beyond Earth (April 2016)
  • Vanishing Point (December 2015)

Appears on

  • Magnatron 2.0
  • Drive Radio Selection, Vol. 2
  • Synthwave, Vol. 4

Other sites: Great music, enjoy!

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