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Tesla Boy – Spirit Of The Night

Tesla Boy is a Russian synthpop band formed in 2008 by audio producer and musician Anton Sevidov. The band consists of Sevidov, Leo Zatagin, Stas “Pioneerball” Astakhov, and Mike Studnitsyn.

From an early age, Anton Sevidov learned music through his father’s old vinyl collection that included Ray Charles, Prince, Stevie Wonder and Blondie. From their beginnings with the release of debut single Electric Lady and first LP Modern Thrills in 2010. The sounds of Tesla Boy’s global influences are immediate, with their acclaimed follow-up single Split.

Band members Leo Zatagin (bass) and Mike Studnitsyn (drums) complete the Tesla Boy lineup, coming together to round out the trio in 2010. A collaborative project at its core, all music and lyrics, stylistic decisions, concepts, and the direction of music and production, are made collectively.

Following the standout success of their debut, 2012 saw the band return to the studio to work on their second album, The Universe Made of Darkness, due to release 21 May 2013. March saw the band share the first single, 1991.


Anton Sevidov

Anton is the vocalist, keyboardist, and the principal writer of music. He is also in charge of sound production and contributes songwriting. He collects vintage analog synthesizers and uses them during live performances and music production. One of his favourite synthesizers is the Roland JUNO-60, which has been also used by popular new wave acts such as The Cure, Depeche Mode and Eurythmics.

Anton’s music career began in his childhood. Later, he worked with Chris Corner from IAMX and Sue Denim of Robots in Disguise for his project Neonavt. During the mid-2000s, he became an in-demand producer, working on tracks by artists such as Brazzavile, Esthetic Education, Bi-2 and Punk TV. Anton also composed music for various fashion shows, theatrical productions, and films. Anton has a partially completed degree in jazz piano from studying with Michael Okun at State Musical College Named After Gnessins (now State Music College of Jazz and Pop).

Leo Zatagin

Leo is a bassist. Joined the band in 2012, moved to Moscow from Rostov-on-Don.

Mike Studnitsyn

Mike is a drummer and provides backing vocals. Joined the band in 2010. Also playing in the Tesla Boy piano bar project.

Stas “Pioneerball” Astakhov

Stas is a guitarist and also provides playing keyboards. Joined the band in 2013. Also making remixes, known as a Pioneerball.


Dima Midborn

Original main songwriter and bassist, he left the band in 2012.

Poko Cox

Poko Cox provides prominent backing vocals and plays guitar for live shows, leaving the band in 2012.

Boris Lifschits

The drummer. Lifschits left the band in 2010.

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